Exotische Taschen #5: I’d get the smalles triangle bicycle framebag, please .. and a coke!

Is this a framebag for ants? Nope, but in fact this is the smallest mountain bike framebag we did so far. If the HEADBAG is still a little bit too big you need a special one. This special SLOTBAG might be small from the outside but it’s big in features. Like our greater SLOTBAGS it got a “map”-pocket on the left hand side and a big compartment on the right hand side. In addition there is a cable in-/outlet installed and it’s padded, too. So your smartphone or powerbank is protected inside our little friend. We have several fastening solutions in store that we have road-tested over the years and picked one for this special SLOTBAG that will keep the bag within the frame as well as make the fasteing system maintainable. Each velcro strip can be exchanged! Take a look:

small framebag mtb, roadbike, steering tube

little triangle bag for bicycles with two pockets

small bicycle bag with cable access, water resistant