Exotic Bags #3: Bag-ception – Extra bag inside the SLOTBAG for Quick Access

A SLOTBAG Framebag which went straight to scandinavia finds without doubt it’s place in our exotic bicycle bag series. The task: Create a system which alows the fellow cyclist to remove most of her/his stuff inside the SLOTBAG without hassle, easy and quick. So here it is: The bag inside the bag. If you want to leave your bicycle (because you’re a commuter or similiar) just lock your SLOTBAG to the frame and then remove the inner container with a pull on the red string infront of the inside bag. Quite easy. Have a look:

Three bags, one framebag

Bagception – Bag inside the bag inside the bag.

Bicycle Framebag with inside containerBicycle Framebag with removable container