Exotic bags #2: Bullitt E-Cargobike framebag

Some SLOTBAG is a bit different. Therefore we’d like to introduce a new blog-series in which we’ll show you some different bags and their concepts. Today: A Bullitt e-bike framebag.

The Bullitt cargobike from Harry vs Larry is a real champ when it comes to move big stuff from A to B. But with big load comes usually big weight. Therefore it’s a nice thought to eliminate some of the labour pedalling by installing an electric drive. But, where goes the battery? Into the frame!! (Of course) No space wasted and with our SLOTBAG you even gain some extra space. Nice isn’t it? In the upper compartment you place the battery in the compartment below you can store anything else you like, e.g. tools or spare parts. To protect the battery the SLOTBAG is padded. The battery holder system is directly connected to the top tube to make it sturdy and save some weight, too. That’s it. Our first ever SLOTBAG framebag for a Bullitt e-bike. You’ll find pictures from the SLOTBAG mounted to a Larry vs Harry Bullitt here.

bulitt framebag cargobike

Fahrrad Steuerrohr kürzen? Gabelrohr kürzen.

Nicht ablenken lassen, richtiges Werkzeug* wählen, vor dem Schneiden noch einen Schluck Kaffee konsumieren und dabei gleichzeitig sowie mit fachmännischem Blick, die gemachte Anzeichnung begutachten. Dann klappt’s! 🙂
Zu lang? “Wegspacern” oder feilen. Zu kurz: Träne verdrücken und beim nächsten Mal noch energischer, den fachmännsichen Blick walten lassen.


*) Alu, Stahl, Titan = Rohrschneider aus dem Baumarkt, Carbon = Säge mit Metall- respektive Eisensägeblatt