DSLR Kameratasche fürs Oberrohr – Fahrradtasche nach Maß

Wir produzieren mit Vorliebe individuelle Fahrradtaschen nach Maß. Dabei gibt es immer wieder kuriose(re), seltsame(re) oder einfach andersartige(re) Taschen. Wie zum Beispiel -immer Mal wieder- Oberrohrtaschen für Kameras. Anders als übliche Oberrohrtaschen müssen diese speziell dafür sorgen: Wasser und Schmutz abzuhalten, die Kamera im Inneren zu schützen und dabei trotz allem möglichst kompakt zu bleiben. So geschehen zum Beispiel hier und einigen nachfolgenden Kamera Bags. Unser Kunde Brian aus Fort Collins Colorado, USA hatte noch speziellere Wünsche.

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Bicycle Seat Bag for a replacement tube and other items

Bicycle Seta Bag for a replacement tube

Imagine a broken tube on a trip through the mountains or the regular commute to work. Meh. Don’t need that. Right? Especially if you’re out of a replacement one. So take care and bring along a spare tube. Load it inside a Tyre Hoody and it will stay nice and clean and shiny when you really need it. In addition it will be protected from water and uv-lights that will otherwise damage the rubber before even using it. You can store a tube up to 29″ (MTB dimensions) plus some tools like a tyre lever. Of course you can also keep a 26″ or a 28″ within the tyre hoody or only tools. But that’s up to you. The tyre hoody will only be as small as the things you will insert due to it’s unique fastening system. You will find a velcro fastener up front to close the bag and a strap fastening system that will build up a symbiosis with your saddle. You will see: Once the bag is installed it sits pefectly. Period. Take a closer look right here: Shop Link

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Exotic Bags #6: Biggest bicycle toptube bag to go!

Oberrohrtasche, Toptube Bag, big groß

We got many nice responses regarding our smallest framebag (this far). So please take a look at our biggest toptube bag (this far). It’s a designated camera bag. Therefore it must have enough space for a DSLR amera and some equipment to have the cam ready in no time. In addition we’ve included a shoulder belt and made the whole bag removable from the bike very fast. Of course it’s also padded quite heavily to protect it’s cargo. Last but not least a bit foreshadowing: In the next days we will introduce our toptube bag that follows a similar principle including a quick acces fastening system to take it from the bike fast and clean. Stay tuned by reading our blog and follow us on twitter. BTW: Take a look at our regular size bicycle top tube bag Kubus here. Continue reading

Combine the bicycle framebag with a toptube bag – AMFS+ with a side pocket

The AFMS+ module for our SLOTBAG gets even better. We’ve combined it with a neat side pocket that’ll let you store all the small items that otherwise would be all over the place. Store and organize your keys, little spare parts, gloves, etc etc. Of course backwards compatible to all SLOTBAGs with AFMS. But take a look yourself: http://burgfyr.de/en/additional-kits-repair-parts/37-afms-slotbag-toptube…

A bicycle framebag combined with a toptube bag, the AFMS+ side pocket

A bicycle framebag combined with a toptube bag, the AFMS+ side pocket

Exotische Taschen #5: I’d get the smalles triangle bicycle framebag, please .. and a coke!

Is this a framebag for ants? Nope, but in fact this is the smallest mountain bike framebag we did so far. If the HEADBAG is still a little bit too big you need a special one. This special SLOTBAG might be small from the outside but it’s big in features. Like our greater SLOTBAGS it got a “map”-pocket on the left hand side and a big compartment on the right hand side. In addition there is a cable in-/outlet installed and it’s padded, too. So your smartphone or powerbank is protected inside our little friend. We have several fastening solutions in store that we have road-tested over the years and picked one for this special SLOTBAG that will keep the bag within the frame as well as make the fasteing system maintainable. Each velcro strip can be exchanged! Take a look:

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