Astronauts Pack 12G Tool Bag – Our new bicycle tool bag

To carry as well as organize you bicylce tools and use it in a well-arranged manner is quite a task on the road. On the one hand you need to allocate the scarce space ressources on your bike but on the other hand you definitely need the ability to fix your broken tire, chain or gearing system. For exact this purpose we’ve created the 12G Tool Bag. It loads your tools and little spare-parts in 12+2 compartments. The bag itself is small and lightweight (just 12 grams) to save space. The big advantage is, that the bag is just as big as your tools. You bring in your tools in the different-sized compartments and afterwards you just roll it up and close it with the strong rubberband around the bag. No space wasted, everything properly sorted and ready to use if a breakdown occurs. You can then easily store the 12G Tool Bag inside your SLOTBAG (or Backpack). The best way anyway to store your 12G Tool Bag is to use our Carrier Seatbag. This gives you the opportunity to store your tools directly mounted to your seat. You can order the 12G Tool Bag with or w/o tools. We took great care in selecting the best bicycle tools. You only get what we use ourselves and which we’ve tested for several years on the road and time spent on bicycle repairs. Store Link 12G Tool Bag

12G Fahrradwerkzeugtasche Abbildung

12 Fahrradwerkzeugtasche Abbildung